Professional Residential and Commercial Painting Services in Central Florida

House Painting

It ought to be – we've been fortunate enough to paint homes all over Central Florida for more than 50 years. We had an A+ rating with the BBB longer than most painting companies have been around in this area.

So whether you need to paint the inside or outside of your house – or maybe both – click on one of the selections below to learn more about the service we offer.

Interior Painting

Wall Painting — Professional Painting Services in Orlando, FL
When you hire Orlando Painting Company to paint the interior of your home we try to make it as painless for you as possible.

Exterior Painting

Home Exterior Painting — Professional Painting Services in Orlando, FL
Nothing makes a house look better (or improves its resale value more) than a fresh coat of paint applied by a professional paint contractor.

Commercial Painting

Office Wall Painting — Professional Painting Services in Orlando, FL
And remember, we can also paint your yard as well. It's safe for your lawn and for your kids. In fact, it can cut down on your water bill so it's an environmentally safe as well!

Industrial Painting

Yellow Wall — Interior Paint in Orlando, FL
We paint everything from parking garages to hospitals and everything in between. Retail or Industrial, we've done it all.

If your strip mall looks drab and outdated, make it look new and bright with a fresh coat of paint.

If you are moving into a new office or warehouse that needs a fresh coat of paint, we can do it. No job is too small or too large.

At Orlando Painting Company, we understand that you may have special needs. We have solid experience and capability in painting commercial and industrial structures such as strip malls, warehouses, shopping centers, and office complexes.

We offer prompt services and a full office staff to help with your needs. Our painters are neat, clean, and professionally dressed, with company shirts and painters pants, so that you can maintain a professional image.
If painting is a problem during the Monday to Friday daytime period, we can work around your schedule and paint on nights or weekends. We take pride in being punctual and informing you of time schedules. Our trained consultants can help you choose from several brands of quality paint, waterproofing and roof coating systems.

Commercial painter. Our commercial department uses the same methods and procedures as our residential home painting but on a different scale. Unlike house painting commercial paint jobs are usually high traffic situations. A commercial painting contractor must be alert of the potential dangers of having people on the job site going about their business impervious as to the painter who is above them applying a coat of paint. Unlike new construction commercial repainting has the public at risk. Please be assured that Orlando Painting Company Inc. has over 45 years experience in commercial and industrial painting the central Florida area. We are the oldest and most trusted painting contractor in Orlando and we have an accident free 45 year track record to prove it.
In addition to that you always deal directly with the owner or Orlando Painting Company Inc. You can expect the owner to supervise the entire painting of your building as he works on the jobsite along side skilled journeyman painters. Your project could not be trusted to a more reliable painting company. We are an Accredited A+ rated painting company with the Better Business Bureau.

We have experience painting all forms of commercial and industrial properties including; institutional painting, government painting, residential painting, high rise painting, and bridge painting. We have painted everything from night clubs to churches, daycare centers to schools. We paint strip malls, medical offices, lawyer offices, hotels, condos and estate homes & ranches. Heck, we even paint airplane hangars! Like we said before, No job too big, no job too small. We have experience painting New Construction as well. Just give us a call!
White Wall — Interior Paint in Orlando, FL

Grass Painting

Grass Painting — Interior Paint in Orlando, FL
That's right – you can have a green lawn in hours, not weeks or months. Lawn painting. And it's completely safe for you and the grass – there are no harmful chemicals in our paint. In fact, it's environmentally beneficial since it can keep your yard looking green for up to 3 months without the need for watering.

Contracting us to paint your lawn is a fantastic way to make your home or business look great while saving time and money, and in the Fall and Winter when your grass goes dormant, you can maintain that vibrant green appearance without doing any work, or using any water.

Also, if you are selling a home and need a quick fix to have that curb appeal you desire, this is a faster and less expensive solution than sodding your lawn.

Before lawn painting. Having a wedding, a party, a graduation or another event and need a plush green yard overnight? Here's the answer! And it's completely safe for people, pets, and the lawn itself. It is non toxic and environmentally safe.
Fact is, lawn painting is easier, less expensive, and is actually better for your grass than over seeding. And by having your yard painted by the Orlando Painting Company, it may actually be prepared to green up faster come Spring.

It's a win-win for so many different people – residents are aggravated with the potential for blight caused by these dead lawns. Residents are happy with a nice, green yard and you save water in a time of shortage.”

Questions and Answers

How long does it last? After lawn painting
Our service lasts up to 90 days. Also, by painting your grass it may actually be prepared to green up faster come spring.

Does the paint changes the feel of the grass?
No. The paint we use will not change the texture or feel of the grass.

Is the Paint Safe?
Yes, or Orlando Painting Company wouldn't use it. Our paint is completely safe for people and for the yard itself. It is non toxic and environmentally safe. Painting will not harm your lawn at all. There are no chemicals in the paint we use, so it's safe for kids and pets