Guaranteed Best House Painter Value

We will match or beat any comparable bid from a properly insured and licensed operating painting contractor and here is why.

Because of the large volume of paint we purchase we are able to negotiate better prices from the manufacturers. In turn we pass this savings on to our customers.

Patrick Trevison the owner of Orlando Painting Company Inc is on every jobsite working along side his journeyman painters. This allows virtually no mistakes and assurance of the job being done correctly the first time. This efficiency keeps cost down and those savings are passed along to our customers.

We do not hire sub contractors or family members. All of our employees speak the English Language fluently thus lowering the chances of miscommunication. This keeps our operating cost to a minimum. The less our operating cost are the more savings we can pass along to our customers

Patrick is going on his 46th year of painting homes like yours. You can not put a price on the value of having him around to handle any unforeseen problems that may arise. He can spot most potential problems before they happen. His experience is second to none. This experience can save you money.

In 45 years we have never had a workers compensation claim or insurance claim. This allows for cheaper rates from the Insurance companies. This savings is passed along to our customer.

When you consider Orlando’s oldest and most trusted house painters, it’s easy to see why Orlando Painting Company is the guaranteed best value!

Satisfaction Guaranteed